2014 Scribe Award

July 29, 2014

I don’t do a lot of blog postings — I think my fans are more interested in the mini-mysteries I write than any random thoughts I might have on the world.

But I did want to take a moment for some self-serving news.  It seems that my first Monk novel, “Mr. Monk Helps Himself” just won the 2014 Scribe Award as the “Best Tie-In Novel” of the year. To be more precise, it co-won the award. There was a tie, as is only befitting the awards for tie-in books. My co-winner is Greg Cox, the author of a book based on the TV series Leverage. The winners were announced Saturday evening at Comic-Con in San Diego.

I was thrilled to be nominated — and even more thrilled to win.

Since that first book was published, I’ve written two more (“Mr. Monk Gets On Board” and “Mr. Monk Is Open for Business.”)  So even if you’ve read the award-winning book, there are two more for you to enjoy.

Thanks again to all my fans — and the fans of “Monk.”  And you can look forward to another blog post when I have more self-serving news to announce.