Fan Question of the Day: “Were there ever plans for a “Monk” and “Psych” cross-over episode?”

June 24, 2013

“Were there ever plans for a Monk and Psych cross-over episode?  I know they did a commercial for USA together, but was an episode ever planned?”

USA had approached the creative team at Monk about the possibility of several cross-over episodes:  Monk and Psych; Monk and the Dead Zone.  (Remember the Dead Zone?)  This was back when USA was trying to use our show’s success to bolster the rest of its line-up.  But Andy, our show runner, kept turning them down.

The main stumbling blocks were the tone of the show and the voice.  Monk had created its own universe, where everyone spoke a certain way, the humor was quirky and the mysteries had a certain construction.  Exposing Monk and the Monk style in another universe seemed unworkable.  Or if it was workable, no one wanted to work that hard.   We were just too odd to stand up to that kind of a mish-mash of styles.