Fan Question of the Day: Why was Monk’s mother never in the TV series?

August 26, 2013

About Monk’s mother.  She was never in the series.  Were there ever plans to do flashbacks to Adrian Monk growing up, his family life etc?

Why did we never show Monk’s mother or give many details about his young life?  Because we were afraid.  Can you imagine the kind of cold, emotionless woman who could have raised both Adrian and Ambrose Monk?  Not being shrinks or great psychological writers, we lowly comedy-mystery geeks were at a loss.  We didn’t want to think about her.  And it probably wouldn’t have been funny.

We never even gave her much background.  We do know that she died and that it was when Monk was in his twenties (thanks to a joke in the season one airplane episode).

For true Monk fans, there does exist a webisode series called Little Monk, which I executive produced for USA.   It shows Adrian and Ambrose solving mysteries in their middle school and trying to make friends.  It occurred during Ambrose’s silent phase, when he refused to talk to anyone.

I think Little Monk is hysterical — but you can find out for yourself right here.