Monk: The Lost Episode

January 10, 2014

As most diehard fans already know, the next book in the Monk series went on sale Tuesday January 7 and is now available everywhere.

The new book, Mr.. Monk Gets on Board,” is especially meaningful for all the TV writers, since it brings to life the one script that we never got to film.  In our eight years of writing, this was our only episode that Tony Shalhoub didn’t get to work on.  The reason was purely logistical.  We could never find a cruise ship willing to let us film a murder on-board.  The alternative, to build a cruise ship set for one episode, would have either looked tacky or have been prohibitively expensive.

This non-episode is fondly remembered by everyone in the Monk family.  In fact, when I first signed on to write the books, Andy Breckman, Monk’s creator said, “Hey, now you can use that story we never got to do.”

So, for better or worse, you should check it out, the lost episode #126.  I threw in some extra plot, of course, since a forty-two minutes teleplay would barely fill up a short story.  But the essence of the book is the same silly mystery that a roomful of comedy-mystery writers came up with nearly ten years ago.