More “Monk,” Please

January 2, 2014

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the release of my second Monk novel (Mr. Monk Gets on Board), than to announce my deal with the Penguin Group to write two more two Monk novels – numbers 18 and 19 in the on-going series.

The next book (#18) will be Mr. Monk Is Open for Business, which chronicles the grand opening of Monk and Natalie’s storefront detective agency in a San Francisco mini-mall.  Their first job is to help out a meek web designer who refuses to explain to the police why he was dragging the body of a drug dealer through a vacant lot.   Monk and Teeger’s second case involves the botched investigation of a grisly triple homicide that might just cut short the career of their friend, Lieutenant Amy Devlin.

Book #18 is with the publisher being edited as I write these words.  And I’m already at work outlining book #19.  Unfortunately, I can’t reveal the working title of this one, since it might lead to some fan speculation about the direction of the series.

Anyway, best New Year’s wishes to everyone and please rest assured that Adrian Monk will continue to have new adventures at least through 2014.