“A laugh out loud comic caper” (West Orlando News)

August 3, 2013

By Gary Roen

I thought after Lee Goldberg stopped writing the Monk series of novels with “Mr. Monk Gets Even,” that was also the end of the novels. I am pleased to say that Hy Conrad has continued the series with “Mr. Monk Helps Himself.” Conrad is an even better person to continue the adventures of Adrian Monk because for the entire run of the show, Conrad was there behind the scenes. Some of the new things Conrad has come up with that make the character so delightful are Monk cleaning his garbage disposal, even though he has never used it or that he cleans light bulbs throughout his apartment. Along with Monk are Natalie, Leland and all of the other characters that made the show and these novels so much fun to watch and see. Like the Goldberg stories, “Mr. Monk Helps Himself” is a laugh out loud comic caper that will leave fans of Monk wanting more.