“A quirky, well-written, heck of a book” (Kings River Life Review of “Toured to Death”)

January 10, 2015

Sure, a mystery tour through Europe seems like a good idea, but what if you’re the travel agent who organized it, and it’s as much a mystery to you as to the participants? Amy finds out the hard way when her first mystery tour is derailed. She has only a packet of information, the actors, participants, and an unknown assistant along to help. Who gets murdered? Who is the killer? Only the game’s creator knows for sure.

Unfortunately, the game is barely underway when its creator is killed back in New York. Amy has to learn to think on her feet and improvise as there seems to be a second person doling out clues. Who can you trust in a situation like that? The answer is, pretty much no one.

In the meantime, the participants and readers alike can enjoy the scenery, decipher clues (they are not easy!), and come to the conclusion. The game is based on a true crime. The question becomes: is that what’s behind the sabotage, misdirection, and mayhem?

Amy’s Mom, Fanny, is back in New York, doing her best to uncover clues too. She’s just trying to help, of course. What’s a little B&E, with a dash of deception? She and Amy manage to live in the same house, although on different floors, without resorting to mayhem of their own, but some days are more difficult than others, since Fanny works at the travel agency too. No wonder Amy so looked forward to the mystery tour. Amy has a few personal issues to work out, and the trip is helpful in that regard. There’s also the potential for romance.

This is the first of a new series. Written by the co-executive producer of the television show Monk, readers can expect, and will receive, a quirky, well-written, heck of a book. I’m looking forward to the next tour already.