“Armchair travelers will enjoy this romp!” (Publishers Weekly Review of “Toured to Death”)

January 31, 2015

This convoluted first in a new travel whodunit series from Conrad (Mr. Monk Helps Himself) introduces tour operator Amy Abel, who is in Europe to supervise the Monte Carlo to Rome Mystery Road Rally.

Amy’s mother and business partner, Fanny, hired the odd Otto Ingo to create this mystery game in New York. Shortly after Otto gave Fanny the first installment (also emailed to Amy in Monte Carlo), he was shot dead in his dingy Manhattan apartment. It turns out that the reclusive Otto based his game on a real case in San Diego, and—surprise, surprise—two of the participants in the road rally were involved in the original case.

The attractive Marcus Alvarez, who has joined the group as the companion to a wealthy heiress and becomes Amy’s potential love interest, could be implicated in the crime.

Readers may struggle to keep track of the many backstories, but armchair travelers should enjoy the romp through France and Italy.