“Everything I expected and hoped for!” (Butterfly-O-Meter Review of “Mr. Monk Helps Himself”

August 15, 2013

Fluttering Thoughts:

Worldbuilding: The awesome world of Mr. Monk makes a great comeback in Mr. Monk Helps Himself. The contemporary San Francisco setting is sprinkled with the usual quirk and genius of Adrian Monk and Natalie’s sense of humor.

Characters: Adrian Monk is everything I remembered him to be, he’s charismatic, quirky, funny, and of course a mystery-solving genius. I loved him as I have for years.

Natalie was also fun, as usual. Since the action of this novel takes place when Natalie’s daughter is a student at Berkeley, and Natalie becomes a PI, it was fun to see the changes Monk’s ex-assistant now turning partner goes through.

Other characters I loved were part of the story as well, like Leland Stottlemeyer.

Favorite Character: Monk, of course. He’s made of win :D

Plot: The cozy mystery was fun and kept me fully entertained from start to finish. I loved all the investigative work Monk and the rest of the characters did, and the two cases that were worked on were as usual curious if not strange, but fascinating.

Writing: First person narrative from Natalie’s POV. The storytelling is very engaging and I was hooked from page 1 pretty much.

Curb Appeal: The cover is cool and the blurb presents the novel well. For a Monk fan like myself, this is total impulsive buy material.

All in all, this mystery was everything I expected and hoped for. I am biased though, Adrian Monk is one of my all-time favorite characters. But if you loved him, or love a good cozy mystery, I highly recommend Mr. Monk Helps Himself.