“Fantastic! Anyone who enoys a well-written myustery will want to check out “Mr. Monk Helps Himself” (WV Stitcher Review)

August 27, 2013

I love watching the Monk tv series and still get my fix with reruns, but honestly “Mr.Monk Helps Himself” is my first attempt at getting my Mr. Monk mystery in book form, and honestly I was a bit leery that the story would somehow be lacking, but I shouldn’t have worried the book was fantastic!

While Mr. Conrad’s style was a bit different he did provide me with the Monk that I know and love. His phobias and fears, along with his distinct voice was captured perfectly,  making me feel as if I was hearing the dialogue as I read it!  The characters are really very well developed and I felt like the character of Natalie is really coming into her own.

I love seeing the duo of Monk and Natalie work together to come to the conclusion! Anyone who has ever watched the TV series should check this one out, but honestly anyone who enjoys a well written mystery where the characters are a bit quirky and there are more than a few laughs along with a clever ending will certainly want to check out “Mr. Monk Helps Himself.”