“Fun travel-related mystery from Hy Conrad” (CJ-MO Reivew of “Dearly Departed”)

February 3, 2016

Amy Abel and her mother Franny run Amy’s Travel which specializes in unique trips personalized for each client. The business isn’t doing well, so Amy’s friend Peter Borg who owns his own agency asks Amy to help with of his trips – a round-the-world trip to spread the ashes of a former maid, while accompanied by her prior employers. A murderer strikes on the trip, but when Amy returns home, she and her boyfriend Marcus, along with Franny, conduct their own investigation into the murder, while figuring out a way to save their agency that doesn’t require giving up their dreams.

Amy has loosened up since the first book in this series and is a lot more likeable. I enjoyed reading about the trip around the world as much as seeing Amy, Marcus, and Franny do whatever it takes to solve the murder and save their business. It was full of humor and I was glad to see growth in the characters along with an interesting murder mystery, which plenty of suspects and enough suspense to keep me interested in what would happen next. New readers would have no problem jumping into the series with this book and those who read the prior book will be pleased with this follow-up. I look forward to more adventures with Amy and Franny. Fans of Maddy Hunter’s “Passport to Peril” series will also enjoy this fun book by Hy Conrad, who was a writer and one of the producers of the television series “Monk”.