Hy Conrad’s “Home Exchange” Opens at the Waterfront Playhouse

May 1, 2012

A World Premiere Mystery from the writer of the Emmy-winning TV series Monk and White Collar.

What happens when you trade houses with total strangers and think you’ve discovered a murder plot?  A producer of TV crime shows exchanges her Manhattan apartment with a couple from England.  Once in the English cottage, she and her brother (her traveling companion) grow suspicious that something is about to happen to the British husband.  A suspenseful comedy in the mold of Deathtrap but with a bit of Rear Window thrown in for fun.

Conch Color calls it “fascinating first class entertainment, run-don’t walk-to the Waterfront Playhouse to catch this amazing world premiere.”

KonkLife says that the Waterfront Playhouse “knocks it out of the park with Home Exchange by Hy Conrad.”

And Solares Hill says that “Hy Conrad … has come up with a whole new genre that can only be called “murder farce.”

Performances:  May 3 through May 26, 2012 (8 PM)