“I give this book five purrs and two paws up!” (Susan Johnston Review of “Dearly Departed”)

January 19, 2016

Amy Abel is beginning to think she is cursed. She has an unfortunate habit of finding dead bodies in her travels.

This time she is taking a group of former employers of a maid around the world on a “farewell tour” for the lady’s ashes. The lady in question had a way of ingratiating herself into the families she served but there is some information she weaned out of someone that this person does not want revealed.

There are a lot of possible suspects in the group and it is not until they are back home in NYC that the truth is discovered, putting Amy and others in danger.

While all this is going on Amy is juggling the attentions of two prospective swains, a mother who would drive any child to distraction, a police officer who is not thrilled with Amy’s snooping and the cadre of other characters moving in and out of the story.

What pulls the story together is Amy herself. She’s smart and savvy and grounded. When other characters are flighty and quirky, a solid heroine helps cement the story.

Other than an objection to how the author deals with three kitties in the story (I am a cat), I would give this book five purrs and two paws up.
I look forward to seeing where the series will to next.