“Music, food, and life in Patagonia hit the spot!” (Goodreads Review)

January 16, 2017

Seeing the world through the pages of a book has been my method of travel so far and is the reason I am always keen to discover a promising plot situated in a place rather different from my home. I spotted this one and knew from the title that there would be a trip to the very southern end of South America. I hoped the author would spend some time on the setting and culture while crafting his mystery and was delighted to find that he did. Music, touring, food, and life in Patagonian Argentina and Chile hit the spot.

This was a cozy mystery and I’ve not always been attracted to those because I lean toward darker, grittier mystery, but lately my taste has allowed for me to appreciate them a bit more. The murder mystery was a good challenge. I figured out the who and the why easily enough, but it was the how that stumped me. Always fun when I’m still guessing at things to the end.

What I wasn’t paying attention to when I picked up “Death on the Patagonian Express” was that this was the third book in the Amy’s Travel series. Fortunately for me, it stood alone just fine. There was mention of previous murder cases and there is an obvious series arc for Amy, her mother Fanny, and her boyfriend Marcus, but it was just a minor layer to the story so I was fine to read the present adventure for Amy and Fanny.

And that brings me to Amy and Fanny. Whew boy! This mother-daughter pair were a riot. Fanny is flamboyant and never subtle though she is rather clever while Amy is considering and reserved while observing and experiencing the world around her. They rub each other raw, but make a good amateur detecting team. Though, I do feel that Fanny got pretty lucky since she poked and provoked the bear (murderer) without considering her own — or Amy’s — vulnerability to the danger.

All in all, I had a great time and most particularly due to the setting and the mother-daughter interaction. I think cozy mystery lovers who enjoy exotic settings would appreciate this one.