“Over the moon” (WTF Are You Reading? Review of “Mr. Monk Helps Himself”)

August 30, 2013
I try very hard to remain objective when reviewing, but “Mr. Monk Helps Himself,” left this unreformed Monk addict over the moon.
Monk is back, as full of quirks and obsessions as ever.
Working with his assistant turned partner, Natalie Teeger, and coping none too well with the business choice of his lady love Ellen; Monk finds himself face to face with more than a few changes.  Let’s just hope that he can cope long enough to nab the bad guys.
This is a truly delightful mystery, filled to the brim with the trademark wit, quirk, genius, and dysfunction that Monk is known for.
One of the best parts of this read is the fact that Natalie is given a chance to shine this time around.
A great deal of the story is centered around her, and she even gets to lead her own case.
Add to that the story of Ellen and Monk (love in a time of OCD) and what you have is a well rounded and extremely readable story, sporting not one but two mysteries, and a sweet cozy ending.