“Smart snappy dialogue and fun, likable characters” (Starred Review in Library Journal of “Toured to Death”)

February 1, 2015

Debut of the Month

Most daughters don’t expect to move back in with their mothers later in life, but as both Amy and Fanny have lost their men, living—and working as travel agents—together seems like an ideal solution to their singleness.

As Amy heads to Monte Carlo to launch their first tour, mom Fanny deals with the business back home in New York. Their Monte Carlo to Rome Mystery Road Rally trip starts with a bang, but then the script becomes reality when it is discovered that Otto Ingo, their writer, was murdered. Amy and Fanny may be on different continents, but they are ready to give their all to discover who is messing with their first joint endeavor. Mother and daughter will have to work fast, however, as the killer might just make this excursion their last.

VERDICT: Smart, snappy dialog and fun, likable characters keep this series debut moving right along.

Conrad served as the former co-executive producer for the television series Monk, and his authorship of the “Monk” mysteries (Mr. Monk Helps Himself) translates flawlessly to this cozy launch.