“The perfect kind of cozy … truly delightful” (Mallory Heart Review of “Dearly Departed”)

January 26, 2016

DEARLY DEPARTED is a truly cool cozy, truly delightful: engrossing, at times dangerous, at times light-hearted, variably romantic, humorous, wraparound comfy: the perfect kind of cozy. I must read the first in the series (TOURED TO DEATH; DEARLY DEPARTED is #2 in the AMY’S TRAVEL MYSTERY Series).

Amy and mother Fanny are a pair of enterprising travel agents (and in this era of online travel booking, “enterprising” is essential). With a flair for the dramatic and outre, they’re following up the first fatal mystery-road rally with a five-stop global tour to wake the late former maid, Paisley MacGregor. Several former employers will drink, dine, and commemorate the exceptional MacGregor while strewing her ashes.

What could possibly go wrong? What, indeed!