“Top Notch Natalie and Monk Mystery” (5-Star Amazon Review of “Mr. Monk Helps Himself”)

July 10, 2013

Hy Conrad has a different writing style and approach than Lee Goldberg. It took me two chapters to get familiar with the nuanced changes, but when I finally heard Natalie’s voice in chapter three, I knew I was home with my good friends.

I tried to ration the reading, to make the book last, but that was like trying to take the occasional sip of Good Earth Original Organic Tea. After chapter fifteen my tea was getting cool, so I iced it, and drained it in a flash, and then consumed the rest of the book.

Nice nod to Nero Wolfe at the end, and if you want to accept it, nods to Archie periodically winking, and smirking through the pages. But remember, Archie always referred to his child as Wolfe. Natalie surmounts the glass ceiling and brings it down.