‘Sins of the Family” receives 5-star review from The Book Review (7/25/23)

July 25, 2023

Editorial Review

by Michael Beas

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Oh, let me tell you, folks, “Sins of the Family: A Callie McFee Mystery” by Hy Conrad is an absolute gem of a thriller that will have you hooked from the very first page. Conrad masterfully blends a web of intrigue, secrets, and family dynamics, delivering a riveting tale that keeps you guessing until the final twist. In this second installment of the Callie McFee Mysteries, we find our tenacious protagonist, Callie McFee, once again thrust into a perplexing case that hits a little too close to home. Conrad’s character development is nothing short of remarkable, as he breathes life into Callie with her relatable flaws, razor-sharp wit, and unwavering determination. Callie’s resilience and unwavering spirit shine through, making her a force to be reckoned with in the world of crime-solving.

What truly sets “Sins of the Family” apart is Conrad’s skillful plotting. The author seamlessly navigates between past and present, slowly unraveling the dark secrets that lie within the McFee family. The tension builds steadily throughout the narrative, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as they attempt to piece together the intricate puzzle. Conrad’s ability to layer the story with unexpected twists and turns ensures that you’ll be flipping those pages long into the night.

One aspect that impressed me greatly was Conrad’s attention to detail. The gripping descriptions and carefully crafted scenes take you into the heart of the story, allowing you to feel the emotions, sights, and sounds alongside the characters. Whether it’s the eerie atmosphere of an abandoned mansion or the palpable tension during a confrontation, Conrad’s prose is immersive and evocative, drawing you deeper into the mystery and suspense.

As with any good mystery, the supporting cast plays a crucial role, and Conrad delivers a rich ensemble of well-rounded characters. From quirky suspects to flawed family members, each person in Callie’s orbit adds depth and complexity to the narrative. The interactions between the characters are filled with intrigue, hidden agendas, and conflicts, creating an awe of suspicion that keeps you guessing at every turn.

Conrad’s expertise shines through in his meticulous research and understanding of investigative techniques. The procedural aspects of the story are detailed to perfection, adding a layer of authenticity that enhances the overall reading experience. As a reader, you can’t help but appreciate Conrad’s dedication to accuracy, which adds an extra level of credibility to the story.

“Sins of the Family” is a blend of mystery, suspense, and family drama that will leave you craving for more. Hy Conrad’s storytelling prowess is on full display as he skillfully crafts a narrative that grips you from start to finish. With its compelling characters, clever plot twists, and a narrative that keeps you guessing, this Kindle edition is a true page-turner that mystery enthusiasts won’t want to miss.

So, my dear readers, grab your detective hats and get ready to delve into the world of Callie McFee. “Sins of the Family” is a astounding and captivating that will have you eagerly awaiting the next installment in this thrilling series. Trust me, you won’t be able to put it down.

About the Author

Hy Conrad

HY CONRAD has made a career out of murder, earning the 2022 Independent Press Award for Best Mystery (“The Fixer’s Daughter” and 2022 NYC Big Book Awards for Best Mystery Series (“The Fixer’s Daughter,” “Sins of the Family”), a Scribe Award for Best Novel (“Mr. Monk Helps Himself”) and garnering three Edgar nominations from the Mystery Writers of America (for the “Monk” TV series). Along the way, he developed a horde of popular games and interactive films, hundreds of short stories and a dozen books of solvable mysteries, published in over 15 languages. Hy is best known for his eight seasons as writer/co-executive producer for the ground-breaking TV series, “Monk.” Other shows include “White Collar” and “The Good Cop.”

As a novelist, Hy authored the final four books in the Monk series, the Amy Travel Mysteries (“Toured to Death,” “Dearly Departed” and “Death on the Patagonian Express”) and the Callie McFee Mysteries (“The Fixer’s Daughter,” a Barnes & Noble bestseller and “Sins of the Family”).

In the world of theatre, his produced works consist of “Home Exchange” (a mystery), “Ta-Dah!” (a musical), and “Quarantine for Two” (a socially distanced dark comedy about the pandemic).

When he looks up from his keyboard, Hy sees either the hills of Vermont or the palm trees of Key West, depending on the time of year. He also sees Jeff Johnson, his partner of 43 years, now his husband, plus Nelson and Stella, the latest in a dynasty of mini schnauzers.