“Mr. Monk Is Open for Business” — my third Monk book is now available

June 4, 2014

Mr. Monk Is Open for Business is now open for business.  It just went on sale today – in Kindle and hardcover.

My third Monk novel starts with Adrian and Natalie renting space in a mini-mall and opening their own detective agency.  Some of their new-found problems are unavoidable, like Monk’s feud with the seedy pawn shop next door.  But when a workplace shooting in a local warehouse ends in the deaths of three employees, all of San Francisco looks to the firm of Monk and Teeger to track down the escaped killer.  Adding to the drama is Monk’s romantic feelings for the only survivor of the shooting who might just be involved.

I hope that gives you a good taste of the new book.  I think it’s my best one to date and I hope all the loyal Monk-ites out there will give it the debut (I hope) it deserves.