Almost Perfect Crimes

Solve-It-Yourself Mysteries
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Lively whodunits like “The Flighty Freshman” and “How the Other Half Dies” will have you playing the sleuth for hours with Almost Perfect Crimes.

Each case is followed by a short series of “whodunit” questions and a challenge to solve the mystery using only a certain number of clues.

Then turn to “Evidence” like the affidavit file, the autopsy reports or lab and crime scene reports for more details to help you find the guilty party.

Still puzzled?  Flip to the “Analysis of Evidence” for a little extra help in fitting it together.  If the mystery has you completely stumped, the solutions are in the back.  Add in Lucy Corvino’s comic illustrations, and crime solving has never been more fun.


Almost Perfect Crimes” is one of the best books of mini-mysteries that I’ve read. The puzzles range from easy (“The Bearded Lady”, “The Flighty Freshman” and “Accidents will Happen” to the clever but difficult (“Checking Out”, “Swallowing the Gun” and “The Show Girl Murders”).”
(5 Star Review on Amazon)

This collection of mini-mysteries is just superb! They are by no means easy, but are great fun nonetheless. The way the evidence is organized into autopsies, CSI reports etc. makes the reader feel like a real detective. Very good.”
(5 Star Review on Amazon)

For only a few dollars, you can challenge yourself and your friends in solving 15 fiendishly clever whodunits. Great for parties.
(5 Star Review on Amazon)