Almost Perfect Murders

Solve-It-Yourself Mysteries
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Pit your wits against a shrewd detective who’s trying to solve diabolical murders all over the world.

Follow the elegantly enigmatic plot twists, keep track of the carefully laid out clues, and see who’s first to nab the culprit, you or the pro. At the end of each story are three questions you must answer to beat the seasoned gumshoe.

“Contemplating the perfect murder? At least buy this book to see how hard it is to pull it off.  Solving these “almost-perfect-murders” is definitely not a spectator sport. Solve all the cases using the minimum number of clues and you can consider yourself an accomplished sleuth!! A team effort often helps to crack the cases, it’s also more fun. Consider enlisting the help of a friend or significant other.”
(5 Star Amazon Review)

“Love these! The mini-mysteries are great for road trips; that’s when my family always used to do them. We’d have so much fun figuring everything out.”
(Andie Z, 5 Star Goodreads Review)

Hy Conrad is one of the best “little whodunnits” authors. Certainly better than Encyclopedia Brown.
(Matt Mazenauer, 5 Star Goodreads Review)