Death on the Patagonian Express

An Amy's Travel Mystery #3
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Upon the breakout success of the TrippyGirl blog, Amy Abel and her mother, Fanny, are asked to join a group of travel experts on a luxury train tour of Patagonia.  Amy is skittish about bringing along her headstrong mother, but the suave tour owner Jorge O’Bannion convinces her. Once in Argentina, their South American expedition seems to chug along smoothly, too smoothly for Fanny’s liking.

While out snapping photos for TrippyGirl, Fanny makes a dreadful discovery—a body scavenged by condors in the wilderness. Even more unsettling, the corpse mysteriously disappears before the others arrive. Some question Fanny’s sanity, but doubt becomes horror when, days later, Jorge’s angel investor dies in a similar situation.  Did Fanny has a vision of the accident before it happened?  And was it an accident or a brilliantly planned murder?  Amy wants to ignore the whole mystery.  But this is Fanny’s first big adventure and she’s determined to solve it – no matter what.

Death on the Patagonia Express is the third book in the “Amy’s Travel Mysteries” Series.  The first two are Toured to Death and Dearly Departed.