Kids’ Whodunits: Catch the Clues!

Solve-It-Yourself Mysteries (Ages 7-12)
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A Jonah Bixby Mystery

The challenge is on for young amateur sleuths: how do their skills stack up against a brainy pre-teen who helps his detective mom figure out “whodunit?”

Ever since Jonah Bixby’s father—also a detective—died in the line of duty, Jonah would come down to the station house after school to wait for his mother to get off work. All the cops took him under their wing, tutoring Jonah and turning him into their unofficial mascot.

In the process, Jonah became a crack crime solver, and these 20 cases, from “After School Homicide” to “Vampire on the Balcony,” are among his most fun and intriguing. They include missing objects, jewel thefts and art heists, murders, accidents, and even some pranks.

My 11-Year Old LOVES This Book
I bought this book for my 11 year old daughter after finishing the Encyclopedia Brown series. Whereas Encyclopedia Brown was somewhat dated, this is right on for today’s kids. She loved Jonah, the main character, and could identify with him. The mysteries are good and interesting, and the short format makes it great to read a couple of mysteries before bed. I HIGHLY recommend this book and am ready to pre-order the next one.My daughter can’t wait and asks weekly when the new one will be out.
(Karen Martinez, 5 Star Amazon Review)

Good Mystery Book
“I bought this book to use with a forensics themed summer camp. My students were going into grades 3-5, so I was looking for a book of short mysteries that were not too violent or scary. This book worked very well. It was a little advanced for the younger kids, but they still enjoyed it. It was perfect for the 5th graders. The mysteries are hard to solve, but fair. The kids were able to figure them out with a few hints. Overall, I thought it was pretty well written and engaging for my students.”
(E. Barbero, 5 Star Amazon Review)