Historical Whodunits

Solve-It-Yourself Mysteries
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One of the writers for the highly acclaimed television show Monk presents a series of 14 unique solve-it-yourself mini-mysteries, all with a historical setting.

At the end of each intriguing tale, armchair sleuths begin their own detective work with the aid of key questions and some crucial clues–including an interview with a witness, lab analysis of the evidence, or an examination of the crime scene.

The historical settings range from ancient Rome to 1940s Hollywood, and the subjects include Jamaican pirates; death in Venice amid a masked ball; Jack the Ripper copycats.

Wonderful — Just Wonderful!
“I LOVE whodunits. I have solved thousands of whodunit puzzles over the years in multiple languages. I consider myself to be a tough critic.  However, this new book by Hy Conrad way exceeded my expectation. All the stories were unique, original, and written beautifully. The book first provides the mystery, followed by additional clues, followed by one or two definitive clues, and then the correct answer. I enjoyed the process of going through all of them in sequence while thinking long and hard. Even for a seasoned veteran like me, some puzzles were quite tough — tough enough that I had to look at the definitive clues.  I recommend this book not only to older children (who enjoy mystery puzzles) but also to non-English speakers, who wish to improve their English skills while having some fun.”
(Franchesca, 5 Star Amazon Review)

Great Reading Material As Well as Mysteries
“I had just as much fun reading the stories as solving the puzzles. The book has a nice way of breaking down clues, reasonings, and solutions. The mysteries are challenging, but reasonable at the same time. BTW, the author is a writer of the TV series Monk. I’m a big fan of the show. Brilliant writer. I’m looking for more of his books.”
(5 Star Amazon Review)

The Master of the Mini-Mystery
“I am so glad Hy has written a new collection of murder mystery puzzles. I’m always sad when I’ve worked through his puzzles, because then I have to wait a few more years for what I know will be a new splendid collection.:.)  More comments later, as I try a few puzzles – yooohoo!”
(5 Star Amazon Review)

“Perfect for starters! All I could think about was planning a school class for 11/13 years old. Good and catchy exercise.”
(Pimi Ravizza, 5 Star Goodreads Review)