Little Giant Book of Whodunits

Solve-It-Yourself Mysteries
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Solve crimes like a detective, find clues where nobody else would think of looking, trap suspects with their own words, and ignore facts that appear to be significant but are only distractions.

Better than a police academy course, all 80 of these simple stories will show you how to find the culprit while everybody else is completely confused. You’ll make your town’s Christmas merrier when you find out who shot Santa Claus. Figure out which family member poisoned the man of the house while he was watching the Super Bowl, and which housekeeping staffer hid a ruby necklace in a liquor bottle in plain sight.

As you explore these fascinating whodunits, you’ll enter a bizarre, glamorous, and dangerous world of mobsters, millionaires and heiresses–even detectives themselves. In case you can’t outwit the bad guys, just turn to a special section of solutions to each mystery, including an explanation of each clue.

Hy Praise!
“This is a great book. I am a math teacher always looking for resources to motivate Junior High and High School students. The students couldn’t get enough of these mysteries. I wish there were about a dozen more of them. Fantastic work.”
(Richard Vierra, 5 Star Amazon Review)

 So Many Mysteries, So Little Time
“You will not be disappointed by this book. Conrad knows how to entertain and intrigue you without confusing you. You get a total of 80 mysteries for you to solve. Each one more interesting than the previous one. You deal with murderers, thieves, kidnappers, as well as rebel forces. Match your wits against them and see if you can beat them at their own game. Go ahead and buy it, you’ll be glad you did.”
(5 Star Amazon Review)

Great Brain Book
“I bought this book for my 11 year old nephew and he was so absorbed in it he almost finished all the puzzles in 2 days. He’s a pretty smart kid and loves to challenge himself, so it was the perfect gift. He said some were tougher than others, but he got help from the whole family and it turned out to be a fun family event.”
(5 Star Amazon Review)

“Mini-mysteries are a love of mine and this book was a great compendium!”
(5 Star Goodreads Review)