Hy Conrad, best-selling author and television writer talks with Rhonda Grant (May 2023)

May 1, 2023

Fabulous conversation with Hy Conrad who started in theatre then seemed to follow a path of writing even though he may not have given it much thought. He remembers his mom telling him at an early age that she thought he would be a writer because of how his mind worked. Today Hy is a very accomplished and famous writer for the very popular television series Monk, as well as various other projects. In our discussion, he shares some life lessons he has learned from being a writer. Because he has travelled the world his writing is enriched by his breath of knowledge and his perspective on life. Check out his website for all the books he has written.

Hy Conrad has made a career out of murder, earning the Independent Press Award for Best Mystery, the NYC Big Book Award for Best Mystery Series, a Scribe Award for Best Novel and garnering three Edgar nominations from the Mystery Writers of America. Along the way, he developed a horde of popular games and interactive films, hundreds of short stories and a dozen books of solvable mysteries, published in over 15 languages. Hy is best known for his eight seasons as writer/co-executive producer for the ground-breaking TV series, “Monk.” Other shows include “White Collar” and “The Good Cop.”

Listen to the full podcast here.