Classic Whodunits

Solve-It-Yourself Mysteries
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Solve the crimes…if you can.

Armchair detectives who love a baffling mystery will find just what they crave in this collection of wickedly devious whodunits. These are stories where the writer plays skillfully with the reader’s mind and where the pivotal piece of evidence appears at first to make no sense–even though it must.

Match wits with some stupendously clever sleuths (including Sherlock Holmes) on their cases and try to figure out the puzzles, clues, and marvelous twists that unlock the mysteries. Every story is brain-busting fun.

Perfect Beachread
“Read just two or three pages in this little hard cover book, and you have a mystery to solve. Simple, logical, and sometimes with twists, it is a perfect beach book. As a hard cover book, the pages won’t blow and blow. Read the mystery, and then close the book, roll over, bask in the sun, and ponder the solution. The answers are in the back of the book. Read another mystery, apply more lotion, have a lovely beverage, and ponder the solution to that story.Answers are formatted in the back of the book. Mysteries are indexed both by story and solution.With close to one hundred “Whodunits”…you’ll have enough reading to keep you busy for your whole vacation.”
(5 Star Amazon Review)

“This is a great book! The stories are not too hard, but not too easy. Perfect! I strongly recommend this book to any readers who love solving mysteries!”
(S. Wynn, 5 Star Amazon Review)

Best Mystery Book Ever!
“This is the best mystery book ever. It’s fun for all ages and gets you thinking.You won’t regret buying it. you might even read the stories more than once.”
(5 Star Amazon Review)