Whodunit: You Decide

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Who doesn’t love a twisty mystery — a locked room, a seemingly impossible crime, a piece of evidence that seems to make no sense?

Here are 12 diabolically clever crimes that will keep you baffled till you find the twist that unravels the mystery.  These “little” murders are old-fashioned whodunits — you don’t need special forensic knowledge, just good old imagination.

All 12 are court cases: somebody has been accused of a crime, and you, as a member of the jury, must unravel the evidence and find the defendant guilty or not guilty.  Is it a frame-up? An accident?  A suicide made to look like a murder?  Something even more devious?  Is somebody getting away with the perfect crime?

Hear the witnesses speak, listen in on jury deliberations, carefully weight all the evidence, and finally, render your verdict.  At the end if a “Verdicts” section for comparing your own decision to the actual facts?

Your jury seat awaits … get ready to sequester yourself!

Better than Watching TV
“Instead of mindlessly watching TV tonight, why not try a Whodunit mystery? These mysteries are fun and challenging — think Encyclopedia Brown for an older crowd. Each one has clever twists and it’s great fun to exercise your power of deduction.  Each mystery is set up like a court case where the reader puts herself in the shoes of a juror. The general information about the case is given, followed by a set of clues (you don’t need all of the clues to figure them out), and the answers are given in the back of the book. This book would be great on a long road trip, or as an alternative to the mundanity of watching television. I’d recommend it to parents of teenagers, or anyone who wants to sink his teeth into a mystery.”
(5 Star Amazon Review)

Another Great Mini-Mystery Puzzle Book by Hy Conrad
This book is a sequel to “Almost Perfect Crimes : Mini-Mysteries for You to Solve”. Once again you’ll need to fire up all of your little gray cells
to solve this new set of 12 clever whodunits!
(5 Star Amazon Review)