“Good, clean fun” (Readalot Review of “Toured to Death”)

January 27, 2015

The setting is something that sounds cool to me — a Mystery tour set in a trip to Europe.  The owners are mother and daughter, Fanny and Amy.  Amy is leading the tour. Amy is shy and does not like limelight.  Fanny is more outgoing and daring.

The murder mystery they find out is based on  a real case.  The writer after he is paid is murdered back in New York.  There is someone following the tour that works for the writer. Amy has no idea who that is.  Also no one on the tour knows who the murder is on the tour.  Amy gets the clues only a day ahead and instructions on where to place the  clues.

Tour is going good until it starts going wrong. One of the ladies on the tour is murdered.  The others of the group don’t believe that the person the Italy police arrested is the murder.  They think the three different murder cases are related. From San Francisco 4 years ago, New York and Italy.

I would read more of this series.  It tied up the cases in a good way. I guessed some of it but not all of it. The mystery was good. I liked the characters. It was also clean read.