The Dying Clue

September 14, 2018

Detective Carol Bixby gazed at the corpse and couldn’t shake the feeling that she was taking part in a cheesy mystery novel. She had heard stories about murder victims writing a last dying message in their own blood. Such things actually did occur. But why would someone use his last ounce of strength to crawl…

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Undercover Jonah

September 1, 2018

“Mom, I look like a stupid penguin.” Jonah waddled back and forth in front of the museum, pretending to be outraged by the rented tuxedo. In reality, though, Jonah thought it was kind of cool being dressed up like James Bond and taking part in his first undercover assignment. “Jonah, stop,” Carol Bixby hissed as…

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The Secret Letters

July 11, 2018

“Mom, please, I want to go,” Jonah insisted. “We must have something up here that’s old and interesting.” Jonah and his mother were in the attic, searching through the piles of clothes and knickknacks and discarded furniture. Carol Bixby sighed as she dusted away a layer of cobwebs. “I don’t think Traveling Treasures is going…

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