Frankie and the Telescope

November 26, 2017

It was early August, one of the worst days of the heat wave, as Jonah and Sally Smith stood in the sweltering tree house in the Smiths’ backyard. They were staring at the spot by the window where the rusty telescope used to be. “Someone stole it,” Sally repeated for the third time. “My little…

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Death at the Door

November 3, 2017

Detective Carol Bixby did her best not to bring Jonah to murder scenes. But sometimes it couldn’t be avoided, like today. They had been at the mall, happily buying supplies for the new school year, when the call came in. Judge Roberta Morton had been found shot to death in her home. “This is really…

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A Test for Rookies

October 15, 2017

The art gallery owner sat in a folding chair in the interview room. He looked bruised and nervous as Detective Carol Bixby sat across from him and listened to his story. “I just closed up the gallery for the night,” he told her. “We had a lot of cash in the register, very unusual for…

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