A New Mystery with Amy and Fanny — “Death on the Patagonia Express”

January 16, 2017

For me, the great thing about the “Amy Travel Mysteries” is that it gives me another reason to travel.  Death on the Patagonian Express came out of my month-long Patagonian excursion and is filled with the kind of local detail I love.  In this book, Amy Abel is given a free trip on a luxury train across…

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Introducing “Dearly Departed”

January 31, 2016

I’m so excited.  Dearly Departed, my second Amy’s Travel mystery, has just been released.  If you liked Toured to Death, you’ll love this new adventure featuring Amy and her force-of-nature mom, Fanny.  This time Amy escorts some rich New Yorkers on a ‘round-the-world wake, from Paris to the great wall of China, as they spread…

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I Guess You Had to Be There

December 3, 2015

These days it’s fairly common for mystery writers to combine their passion for mayhem with a second great love.  As a result, the amateur sleuth will often be found mulling over clues in a coffee bar or flower shop or bakery or in the company of a cat on a windowsill.  In my case, the…

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