Logan’s Big Moment

December 7, 2019

I’ve been in bed all morning. My nose is stuffed up and I’m sneezy and achy. But the worst thing is that it’s a Saturday and I can’t even take off a sick day from school. Logan drops by my room to see how I’m doing. From the start, he’s being way too nice. “What…

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The Ghost and the Note

January 27, 2019

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” I tell them. We’re in the Olsen family’s playroom. Timmy Olsen puts the Ouija board in the middle of the table while his older sister Gloria reads the instructions. They found this Ouija game tucked away in their attic. It’s a wooden board covered with letters and numbers and weird…

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The Vanishing Phone

December 16, 2018

Derrick’s Uncle Nigel swats at the drone, hovering right in front of him. “Get that thing out of my face!” Derrick laughs. But he uses his smart phone to maneuver the little helicopter out over the rest of his family’s freakishly huge backyard. This doesn’t seem to be enough for cranky Uncle Nigel, who retreats…

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